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Hi, I'm KK Bicalho. I am a Fine Artist and Art Educator graduated from Escola Guignard/UEMG. I was born in 1989 in Belo Horizonte, where I still live today. Since I was young I understand myself as an artist. I've always been one of those people who do things differently and after drawing a lot with the pencil one day I played drawing with scissors. I haven't stopped anymore.

Cutting paper was the way I found to immortalize my impressions of the world. And, unintentionally, I ended up creating something new, unique and authentic: the MINUANCES. Today, the images I create combine little details cut out from paper with the poetry of the composition of the whole. I'm a fan of the beauty that silence brings and the presence that emptiness reveals.

By recreating the situations around us on paper silhouettes, I create a new way of appreciating life, with lightness and simplicity. I follow my intuition and my way of being in the world.


My work is an approach to the delicacy of everyday things. ​Things we all have in common. Situations and emotions that we all feel, simple as the paper I use to cut out.

With MINUANCES I bring the eye of the observer closer to see everyday life in a different way.

I cut to tell.

Despite the simplicity of the paper silhouettes, my work brings elegance and wit through the subtlety of the situations portrayed. They are “mini nuances” of everyday life that I create in a visually expressive way, making the common to be seen as deep and special, which it truly is.

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